Keyword analysis is the foundation of all SEO efforts. Picking the correct search terms will lead to an abundance of traffic and a high level of conversions. Below you will find the steps I take when choosing the best keywords for your business.

1.Identify Your Target Customer

The very first step is to put yourself in the client’s perspective. Who are they? What type of services  do they need? Why do they are in need of your services? Asking yourself these three questions will greatly help when choosing keywords with the highest return.

picture showing target customer

2.  Criteria For Picking Keywords 

When deciding on which phrases you are looking to rank for, it is best to pick phrases without a high search volume. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s not. Always remember: conversion trumps search volume. It is much more cost-efficient to pick phrases with a low to medium amount of searches, but lead to a higher conversion.  Often these include long tail versions of commonly searched terms. An example of a long tail phrase would be “best teeth whitening service in milwaukee wi” rather than “teeth whitening Milwaukee”.

picture showing long tail

3. SEO Keyword Analysis Tools

There are a few basic SEO tools I use for keyword analysis. Some of them I cannot mention, but one that I often use is Google Keyword Planner. This tool is incredible for finding long tail versions of commonly searched terms in various industries. It not only shows the search volume of each phrase, but also shows the price google charges per each click. I use this tool to gauge the price range I charge for each of my clients. And let me just say, my prices are much more affordable than google.

picture showing keyword analysis tools

This step is the most important in all of SEO. It is vital we pick phrases which will get your business real results, as quickly as possible. For more information visit my process, view more of my marketing services, or click here to contact me. To find out more about my social media services, click here.


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