1. Keyword Research  

The first step in Milwaukee Search Engine Optimization is to research the most common keyword phrases people search for in your market. If you are a dentist located in shorewood, the best phrases to target could be “best dentist in shorewood” or may even highlight a service you provide such as “teeth whitening in milwaukee”.
Once we decide on a handful of keyword phrases, I will then begin ranking you for them. I will keep you updated on your current position every step of the way. During this stage, I will analyze which keyword phrases are generating the most traffic for your site and give you an approximate time frame on about how long it will take to get you to rank near the top.
Keyword Research

2. Consistent Results

My goal and focus is not to give you instant results, but rather provide you with long term consistent results. This WILL NOT happen overnight or even within the first few weeks. Expect results over the course of 2-3 months after I have researched the keywords for your business. As your online presence increases, you should begin to notice more customers gradually.
picture showing rise in income with search engine optimization

3. Ultimate Plan

After the first few months, I will formulate a long term action plan for your business. I will decide how I can use Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing most efficiently for your success. My marketing services will keep your business consistently ahead of your competition and ranking within the top three positions. SEO is the missing ingredient most small business forget to invest in. While harvesting the power of google, anything is possible.
picure showing money with seo milwaukee
Although my process usually follows this three step approach, it varies for each of my clients. I am by far the best and most affordable option for milwaukee seo.

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