Since the early 2000’s, social media has been a great tool for online marketing. Whether you are the owner of a local startup or a large corporation, it should be a staple for advertising.
Not only does using social media increase customer engagement, but it also drives growth and revenue. Below I have listed the top reason your business NEEDS to be on social media.

1. Targets Your Audience More Effectively

Knowing your market is key to the success in any business. In fact, some platforms such as Facebook even give you detailed information on the demographics of your target market such as gender, age, relationship status, and language. Understanding these statistics will help you chose your strategy to be as efficient as possible.

2. Allows Feedback From Customers

Most social media platforms allow users to like, comment, and share your page. This not only provides you with accurate data you can use to modify your services/pricing, but also is also a means of free advertising to bring in  new potential customers.

picture showing customer feedback from online marketing

3. Increases Brand Awareness and Exposure

The main advantage using social media is a greater reach. Being active on these platforms gives you access to the millions of potential customers who signed up for these services. It essentially gives you access to the world. What’s better option for online marketing?

4. Cost-Effective

My favorite part about social media is that it’s FREE . There is no better way to promote your business while without touching your bank account. Also, you may choose to advertise on these platforms. Facebook advertising an incredible way to create brand awareness in your local area.

Showing saving money through social media marketing

5. Increases Your Search Ranking

Finally, having profiles on the top social media websites will benefit your ranking automatically. This can be effectively done by placing links on your social media profiles which link back to your main website.

Online Marketing 

Overall, there is no greater option for online marketing than social media. It is free of cost, connects you the the world, increases exposure, and builds brand awareness.

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